Study when you want, how you want

We understand that balancing work, life and online studies makes it hard to achieve your learning goals. That’s why we’ve created FlexStudy, our flexible approach to online learning that lets you choose which learning activities to commit to.

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Why FlexStudy?

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Select activities that work with your schedule

Don’t get locked into a set schedule, choose learning activities that work with your lifestyle.

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Choose how you want to connect

Engage with your studies face-to-face or online, or one-on-one options available.

Collab Hub

Access to our Collab-hubs

Free access to our Collab-hubs for a quiet space to study and connect with your peers and trainers. Complementary snacks and coffee available.

How does FlexStudy work?

FlexStudy is all about you and how you want to focus your efforts in kicking your learning goals. To start your FlexStudy journey today:

  • 1 Select the qualification that will help you reach your potential.
  • 2 Personalise your study plan and choose which electives you want to do.
  • 3 Start your course online and choose from a multitude of online and/or face-to-face activities to help you learn, learning activities can include:
Online Training
Online training and web-based workshops
Small Group
Small group training sessions
One On One
Access to trainer for support
Workplace Simulations
Workplace simulations and hands-on sessions
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